Jack Entwistle

  • Hometown: Manly Beach (Sydney)
  • Describe yourself (3 words): Adventurous, active, happy of course
  • Favourite surf destination: Probably France (Basque Country) & Taiwan
  • Surfing influence: My Dad pretty much introduced me to surfing at a young age, he was 1987 World Longboard Champion & it’s pretty cool seeing videos of him & hearing stories of him surfing
  • Phrase you overuse: Sick!
  • Favourite board: O’donnell 9’0 Longboard (Twizzlestick Model)
  • Value most in life: Good boards hah, family & mates
  • When not surfing: Hanging out with mates, cleaning up boards, waiting for waves

Surfing Achievements 

  • 1st Pro Mens – Snowy McAlister Surfing Festival 2015
  • 3rd Mens – Noosa Festival of Surfing  2015
  • 1st Pro Mens – 25th CJ Snowy McAlister Festival 2014 
  • 3rd Pro Mens – WSL Taiwan Open of Surfing 2014
  • 4th  – WSL Australasian Longboard Qualifying Series 2014