Surfmud Athletes

Keely Andrew

CT Surfer

Surfing Achievements
2018 Runner Up: Roxy Pro Gold Coast - WSL Woman’s Championship Tour
2017 WSL Woman’s Championship Tour
2016 WSL Woman’s Championship Tour
1st New Zealand WQS 2015
5th Oi Rio Pro CT 2015
2nd El Salvador WQS 2015

Hometown: Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast
When were you born: December 94
Describe yourself (3 words): Happy, funny and generous
Favourite place you’ve surfed: Brazil, France & New Zealand
Who / what inspires you: Family & friendships
Phrase you overuse: “Stitch up”
Favourite board: JR 5’7 Donny
Worst habit: Biting my fingernails
When not surfing: I’m in the gym training or hanging with friends
Favourite music: Taylor Swift

Ty Richardson

Frothing Grom

Surfing Achievements
1st place Skull Candy Oz Grom Open 2017 12 & U
1st place Billabong Occy Grom Comp 2017 12 & U
1st place Wahu Gold Coast 2017 U12’s
1st place RipCurl Grom Search Sunshine Coast 2016 12 & U
1st place Wahu Gold Coast 2015 U12’s
3rd placed Wahu Sunshine Coast 2015 U12’s
2014 Snapper Boardriders club champion U10’s
2nd place HIF Agnes Waters Surf Festival – U13’s
2nd place Billabong Oz Grom Cup – Coffs Harbour 10 & U
1st place Wahu – Coffs Harbour U10’s
2nd place Parko Grom Stomp – Caloundra 10 & U
1st place Wahu – Sunshine Coast U10’s

Hometown: Palm Beach – Gold Coast, Australia
3 words that describe you: Stoked, Frothing, and always looking for the next adventure
Favourite surf destination: Restaurants – Fiji
Surfing influence: Joel Parkinson (Uncle)
Phrase you overuse: Shred Daily
Favourite board: 4’3″ x 15 3/4 Wardy Surfboards
Worst habit: Being late to school
When not surfing: Skating and hanging with mates

Zahli Kelly

QS Shredder

Surfing Achievements
1st place Skull Candy Oz Grom Open 2017 16 & U
1st place Billabong Occy Grom Comp 2017 16 & U
Women’s Australasian Pro Junior Winner 2017
NIB Pro Junior Women’s Title 2017
Subway Pro Junior Women’s Title 2017
QLD Open Women’s State Title 2016
Australian Junior Champion 2015 – U/14 Girls
1st place Billabong Occy’s Grom Comp 2016 – 14 & U Girls
1st place Billabong Oz Grom Cup 2016 – U/14 Girls
State Champion 2014 & 2015 – U/14
Australian Open Surfing Titles – 3rd place Open Womens
1st place SkullCandy Oz Grom Open 2015 – 14 & U Girls
1st place Bede’s Fox Grom Shootout 2015 – U14 Girls
1st place Oz Grom Cup 2015 – U14 Girls
1st place Taj Small Fries WA 2015 – U12 Girls & U14 Girls
1st place Wahu Sunshine Coast 2014- U 12 Girls (10 point ride) & U14 Girls (10 point ride)
1st Parko’s Grom Stomp 2014 – 11 Girls
1st place BL Blast Off 2014 – 12 Girls

Hometown: Casuarina NSW (Fri-Mon) / Wooloowin QLD (Tue-Fri)
Describe yourself (3 words): Fearless, focused and happy
Favourite surf destination: Chinamans, Yorke Peninsular South Australia
Surfing influence: Courtney Conlogue
Phrase you overuse: Sick!!!
Favourite board: Emery Black Angel
Value most in life: Having fun and being happy
When not surfing: Skating, having friends over & doing school work (I’m home-schooled)

Jack Moyes


Ironman Achievements
2015 Jacob Lolback Paddle 2nd
2015 State Endurance Champs 1st Board & 3rd Ski
2015/2016 rounds 1 & 2 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 8th & 8th
2014/15 Nutri-Grain Series 8th Automatic Series Requalification
2014/15 Australian Championships Open Mens Board 2nd
2013 Queensland State Ironman Championship, Mooloolaba – Winner
2014 Surf Ironman Qualifying Series 3rd – gaining entry to Professional Ironman series 2014/2015
2013 NSW State Titles – Ironman – Umina 
3rdHometown: Terrigal, central coast, NSW

Describe yourself (3 words): I’m fun, adventurous, motivating
Favourite surf destination: Padang Padang, Bali
Surfing influence: Jamie O’brien, surfing on waterski at pipe wow!
Phrase you overuse: “Don’t worry about it man”
Favourite board: My 5’6 30litre fish. Check my Insta @jack_moyes. I was getting overhead barrels on it out at Padang
Value most in life: I definitely value my family & friends most in life. They’re everything. They’ve helped me get to where I am today
When not surfing: I’m training for the Nutri-Grain ironman, sleeping, eating or watching YouTube surfing clips in the Mentawais

Jack Entwistle

LT Surfer

Surfing Achievements
Champion WSL Longboard QS Whalebone Classic 2017
1st Pro Mens – Snowy McAlister Surfing Festival 2015
3rd Mens – Noosa Festival of Surfing 2015
1st Pro Mens – 25th CJ Snowy McAlister Festival 2014
3rd Pro Mens – WSL Taiwan Open of Surfing 2014
4th – WSL Australasian Longboard Qualifying Series 2014

Jack Entwistle
Hometown: Manly Beach (Sydney)
Describe yourself (3 words): Adventurous, active, happy of course
Favourite surf destination: Probably France (Basque Country) & Taiwan
Surfing influence: My Dad pretty much introduced me to surfing at a young age, he was 1987 World Longboard Champion & it’s pretty cool seeing videos of him & hearing stories of him surfing
Phrase you overuse: Sick!
Favourite board: O’donnell 9’0 Longboard (Twizzlestick Model)
Value most in life: Good boards hah, family & mates
When not surfing: Hanging out with mates, cleaning up boards, waiting for waves

Maddie Dunn


Competitive Achievements
2013/14 round 5 race winner Nutrigrain Ironwomen Series
2014/15 round 6 race winner Nutrigrain Ironwomen Series
2014/15 4th overall Nutrigrain Ironwomen Series
2015 U19 Australian Board Champion
2014 World Titles 3rd Board race
2015 Molokai2Oahu 52km board race 2nd
2015 4th Coolanagatta Gold
Qualified for the Nutrigrain Ironwomen Series 4 years

Hometown: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Describe yourself (3 words): fun, easy going and energetic
Favourite place you’ve travelled or surfed: Hawaii
Phrase you overuse: doozy
Favourite board: Bravo Boards
Value most in life: My family, friends & having fun making the most of life
When not in the water, I’m: eating, sleeping or training for the Nutrigrain Ironwoman series

Noah Stocca

QS Surfer

Surfing Achievements
Runner up Subway Pro Junior Gold Coast 2017
2nd Qld State Titles 2016 – Sunshine Coast U18’s boys
1st Qld Title for School Surfing 2016 – U19’s boys
1st Billabong Oz Grom Cup
1st School Regional Final – Sunshine Coast
1st (U14), 2nd (U16), 2nd (U18) Otway Board Riders 2014
2nd Volcom Series 2014 – Sydney
4th Victoria State Titles 2014 – Jan Juc

Hometown: Peregian Beach – Sunshine Coast, Australia
Describe yourself (3 words): Energetic, Friendly & Fun
Favourite surf destination: North Shore Hawaii
Surfing influence: John John Florence
Phrase you overuse: Yewww!!!
Favourite board: 5’4″ Mt Woodgee Stitch Up
Worst habit: Trying stupid stuff and wrecking my boards
When not surfing: Skating

Hiroto Mori


Surfing Achievements
1st place 403 Surf Fes Special Class 2017
4th place Shirahama Spring Cup U12 2017
4th place Skullcandy Oz Grom Comp 12 & U 2017
2nd place All japan Surfing Championship U12 2016
2nd place 403 Surf Fes Open Class 2016
1st place CRER Cup Special Class 2016
1st place Good Speed Cup Special Class 2016
1st place Nichinan Mayor’s Cup Junior/Men Open 2016
2nd place All-Japan Ranking Championship 2016
1st place Filter Cup Special Class 2016
4th place Shirahama Marina Cup U12 2016

出身地: Fukuroi-city Shizuoka Japan
誕生日: March 9,2005
自分を3文字で表すなら: Big , Funny , Strong
お気に入りのサーフィン場所: Lennox, Bowls
おっちょこちょい?それとも天然? : Goofy
尊敬するサーファー: Owen Wright! big fan!
好きなサーフボード: Emery, Agent
良く使う言葉: Thank you!
好きな本: F+
好きな映画: Star wars
自分の良くないところ: easy going
自分にとって一番大事なこと: Friend
好きな食べ物: Sukiyaki
刺激をくれる人 : James Wood
好きな音楽: Sia , Daya
サーフィンしていない時、何をする?: Study or Training

Holly Williams


Surfing Achievements
1st place Dan Thomas Memorial 2017 16 & U
4th place Dan Thomas Memorial 2017 Open Women
4th place Skull Candy Oz Grom Open 2017 16 & U
1st place Fijian Powerade Junior Pro 2016 – 18 Girls
2nd place Qld Surfing State Titles 2016 – Sunshine Coast U16 girls
2nd place Slullcandy Oz Grom Comp 2015 – Tweed Heads U14 girls
2nd place HIF World Surfaris 2015 – Coolum U16 girls
4th place Australian Junior Surfing Titles 2014 – West OZ U14 girls
1st place Parko Grom Stomp 2014 – Caloundra 12 and under girls
3rd place overall QLD Junior State Surfing Titles 2014
3rd place Rip Curl Grom Search – Sunshine Coast 12 and under girls

Hometown: Buddina – Sunshine Coast, Australia
Describe yourself (3 words): Happy, funny, gurfer
Favourite surf destination: Bali
Surfing influence: Stephanie Gilmore
Phrase you overuse: “Sick”
Favourite board: Beck 5.0 Pin Tail
Value most in life: Family
When not surfing: Hanging with friends

Saffi Vette


Surfing Achievements
2017 U16 Girls National Champion
2017 U18 Girls National Champion
2017 16&U Runner up in the SkullCandy Oz Grom Comp
2017 1/4 Finalist in the Occy Grom Comp
2017 U20 Girls Backdoor Raglan Grom Bash Champion
2017 U17 Girls Billabong Grom series Event 1 Champion
2017 U17 Girls Ripcurl Grom Search Runner Up
2017 U17 Girls Billabong Grom series Event 2 – 3rd
2017 Ripcurl Raglan Pro Open Womens Semi Final
2017 Secondary Interschool comp U18 Womens Champion
2017 U18 Gisborne Girls High School Champion
2016 U16 Girls National Scholastic Champion
2016 Backdoor Grom bash Raglan U17 Womens Champion
2016 NZ Inter School secondary schools U18 Womens Champion
2016 Gisborne Girls high school womens Champ
2016 Raglan Academy Surf Comp 3rd U18 girls

Hometown: Gisborne, New Zealand
Birthday: 31st December 2001
3 words that describe you: Fun, adventurous, up for a challenge
Favourite place you’ve travelled to surf: Japan!!
Goofy or Natural: Natural
Surfing Idol: Tyler Wright, Lakey Peterson, Andy Irons, Steph Gilmore
Favourite board: Lost sub scorcher 2 PU & also a replica in Epoxy Pro-formance series
Word or phrase you overuse: Things happen for a reason
Favourite read: Any surf mag!
Pets: 2 Dogs and a Cat
Worst habit: EATING!!! haha
Value most in life: Friends, family and surfing
Favourite food: Chicken and Guacamole Salad & Liquorice
Who / What inspires you: All my competitors, friends and family that I surf with
When not surfing, I’m: At school, training or eating

Jared Hickel


Amy Kotch


Guy Morgan

Wave Hunter

Richard Kotch


Ned Hart

Reef Charger

Surfing Achievements
Paddling into a 6ft standup barrel on my own at HT – it was so sick
Going to Mentawais and surfing big heavy barrels

Hometown: Near Yallingup, WA
Birthday: 08/06/06
Describe yourself (3 words): I AM Ned
Favourite surf destination: The Ments, HT or Lakey Peak and Perascopes
Goofy or Natural: Natural
Surfing idol: John John florence
Favourite board: Pyzel Bastard 4.11
Word or phrase you overuse: But
Favourite read: Amazing Diary of Pig
Worst habit: Forgetting stuff leaving at my friends house
Value most in life: Family and friends
Favourite food: Mum’s spag bol
Who / what inspires you: My friend Kian Martin, he helps me progress and travels with me and Claire Bevo, she is like my family and we love barrels
When not surfing, I’m: Skateboarding, trying airs in bowl, spear fishing and boxing

Oska Caldwell

Reef Charger

Surfing Achievements
Tackling the reefs of North West WA

Hometown: The nearest town is a 2 hour drive away. I live at a coastal sheep station that is also a caravan park for surfers
Describe yourself (3 words): Active, patient & energetic
Favourite surf destination: Red Bluff which is also a left & also the closest wave to where I live. I walk to it from my house to surf it almost everyday
Surfing influence: Growing up 50 meters from the ocean and watching all of my older brothers & sisters surf
Phrase you overuse: Don’t really have one
Favourite board: 5, 6 gravel I got this year
Value most in life: Family, food, travel & surfing
When not surfing: I’m either mustering on a motorbike around our station, diving, fishing, trying new sports or just walking around our landscape

Ashton Pignat

Frothing Grom

Surfing Achievements
Finalist in QLD TitlesHometown: Marcoola Beach, QLD

Birthday: 21 March 2006
3 words that describe you: funny, loyal, adventurous
Favourite place you’ve travelled to surf: Maldives
Goofy or Natural: natural
Surfing Idol: Asher Pacey
Favourite board: Hammo pro series grom
Word or phrase you overuse: What’s funnier that 24?25!!! (SpongeBob)
Favourite read: The Big Fat Cow that goes Kapow haha
Pets: Blue Staffy named Lenny, and a Blue Indian Red Neck named Blue
Worst habit: forgetting to hand in my homework
Value most in life: FAMILY! And Fresh Prince of Bel-air
Favourite food: miso Soup
Who / What inspires you: My brother Slayde
Favourite music: punk, rock, grunge
When not surfing, I’m: fishing!!

Lilly Pollard

Barrel hunter

Bodyboarding Achievements
1st Pipeline Pro Hawaii APB World Tour 2014
1st Encanto Pro Puerto Rico IBA World Tour 2011
5 x Australasian Tour Champ
Barrel hunter!

Hometown: Cronulla NSW
Describe yourself (3 words): small, fun, ocean-loving
Favourite surf destination: I love the camping and solitude and epic waves and marine life of Gnaraloo in WA
Who / what inspires you: Good vibes, good health, compassion, creativity, caring for the sea – there are some wonderful people out there that fit that profile
Phrase you overuse: yew!
Favourite board: my stealth custom
When not in the water: I’m working on my coaching business, The Bodyboard Academy (which still means I’m in the water lol)

Luke Dujic

Frothing Grom

Hometown: Avalon Beach NSW
Birthday: 26/03/2004
Describe yourself (3 words): chilled, patient and laid back
Favourite surf destination: Snapper Rocks
Surfing influence: Mick Fanning and Bede Durbridge
Phrase you overuse: just one more wave
Favourite board: 4’9 x 17 x 2 Aido Board
Worst habit: always getting 5 more instead of one more wave
Value most in life: family and friends
Favourite food: Mum’s spaghetti bolognese
When not surfing: dreaming about going surfing

Dane Dujic


Hometown: Avalon Beach NSW
Birthday: 29/09/2006
Describe yourself (3 words): generous, funny and going off!
Favourite surf destination: Sunset Hawaii
Surfing influence: Tom Carroll, Wiggolly and John John Florence
Phrase you overuse: yeah brah
Favourite board: 4’9 x 17 x 2 Aido Board
Value most in life: having good mates around me
Favourite food: subway BMT 6′ SUB
When not surfing: skating and watching surf vids

Harry Obrien

Undercover millionaire

Surfing Achievements
1st place Far North Coast Regional Titles 2017 U12
Quarter finals Skullcandy Oz Grom Open 2017 12 & U
Quarter finals Billabong Occy Grom Comp 2017 12 & U

Hometown: Lennox Head
Birthday: August 7, 2006
3 words that describe you: Funny, determined, thoughtful
Favourite place you’ve travelled to surf: Lakey Peak
Goofy or Natural: Natural
Surfing Idol: John John Florence
Favourite board: Emery, Black Angel 2
Word or phrase you overuse: Sick
Favourite read: Surf mags
Pets: Rusty – red cattle dog
Worst habit: Falling asleep on the floor
Value most in life: My family and surfing
Favourite food: Beef burritos
Who / what inspires you: Guys who charge
When not surfing, I’m: Playing footy and hanging with my mates