Georgia Fish

  • Hometown: Flinders, Victoria
  • Born: 11th May 1993
  • 3 words that describe you: Cruisy, loving, conscious
  • Favourite place you’ve surfed: Mexico, Nihiwatu
  • Goofy or natural: Natural
  • Surfing idol: Stephanie Gilmore
  • Favourite board: Changes all the time but currently a chilli surfboard
  • Phrase you overuse: Gorj
  • Pets: 3 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats
  • Worst habit: Saying sorry at completely unnecessary times
  • Value most in life: Love
  • Who / what inspires you: Anyone living passionately, creatively and doing what they love
  • When not surfing: Yogaing, cooking, friending, studying, drinking organic coffee

Surfing Achievements

  • 18th on the World Qualifying Series ranking 2015