Ned Hart

  • Hometown: Near Yallingup, WA
  • Birthday:¬†08/06/06
  • Describe yourself (3 words): I AM Ned
  • Favourite¬†surf destination: The Ments, HT or Lakey Peak and Perascopes
  • Goofy or Natural: Natural
  • Surfing idol: John John florence
  • Favourite board: Pyzel Bastard 4.11
  • Word or phrase you overuse: But
  • Favourite read: Amazing Diary of Pig
  • Worst habit: Forgetting stuff leaving at my friends house
  • Value most in life: Family and friends
  • Favourite food: Mum’s spag bol
  • Who / what inspires you: My friend Kian Martin, he helps me progress and travels with me and Claire Bevo, she is like my family and we love barrels
  • When not surfing, I’m: Skateboarding, trying airs in bowl, spear fishing and boxing

Surfing Achievements

  • Paddling into a 6ft standup barrel on my own at HT – it was so sick
  • Going to Mentawais and surfing big heavy barrels