Oska Caldwell

  • Hometown: The nearest town is a 2 hour drive away. I live at a coastal sheep station that is also a caravan park for surfers
  • Describe yourself (3 words): Active, patient & energetic
  • Favourite surf destination: Red Bluff which is also a left & also the closest wave to where I live. I walk to it from my house to surf it almost everyday
  • Surfing influence: Growing up 50 meters from the ocean and watching all of my older brothers & sisters surf
  • Phrase you overuse: Don’t really have one
  • Favourite board: 5, 6 gravel I got this year
  • Value most in life: Family, food, travel & surfing
  • When not surfing: I’m either mustering on a motorbike around our station, diving, fishing, trying new sports or just walking around our landscape

Surfing Achievements

  • Tackling the reefs of North West WA