Six years in the making, over a hundred different formulas, and thousands of hours testing in the water … we are stoked to finally be able to share ‘surfmud’ with our tribe. Surfmud Tinted Covering Cream shields against the harsh effects of the surf and wind by creating a protective barrier between the skin and the external environment.

Surfmud™ is made by surfers – because it turns out better that way. Starting with the recipe of a renowned cosmetics brand – we kept the good stuff and dropped the rest. We substituted out chemicals ingredients for natural and fine-tuned our formulation over years of testing in the surf. Surfmud goes on smoothly and stays on!


  • 30% zinc oxide (non-nano)
  • All-day cover – safe and effective
  • Natural skin colour
  • Big 45g tin
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Surfmud™ tinted covering cream contains 30% zinc oxide (non-nano). Zinc oxide is nonirritating, nonallergenic and non-comedogenic.

We add: bees wax, natural lanolin, coconut oil-derived CC/C (certified natural), kaolin clay and iron oxides for natural colour.

Surfmud™ made for extended surfing in the tropics. Grab a tin from your local surfshop or online at our website – you’ll be stoked with the product!

Surfmud™ is what it is – a natural zinc cream that is made by surfers, for surfers. Try it yourself and if you’re not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Check out what real surfers are saying about Surfmud here


I can attest to this being the real deal! It stays on for hours

World Surfaris

Looks awesome! Best zinc Out!

Nat & Brent (3sunnycoastkids)

I got mine this week and we just love it! Will be online ordering more

Donna Brown

Really awesome all natural zinc specially made for surfers - Can’t wait to take it on our road trip


Saw this grommy ripping out in the surf the other day wearing this rad zinc by Surfmud, so I managed to get my hands on it to find out that it’s all natural zinc made on the Sunshine Coast. It is really good, stays on for those super long surfs

Mitch Grams (16)

Surfmud arrived, and used today at nippers. Jasper loves it, he says it’s much better than the thick EB zinc he has been using. He has really pale skin, so it was awesome for him

Vicki Jones