If you’ve been there, you’ll know what we are talking about. Isolated reef off West Sumatra  – 6′ and pumping with barrels cracking down the inside. Been out for hours with your skin copping the brunt of the harsh elements but can’t pull yourselves away from the waves.

Another surf trip with a bunch of mates – the waves are on and everyone is stoked … we just need some serious cover that will protect us from the elements and allow us to stay out longer.

The seed for surfmud has been planted – this is our story.

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast we had it pretty good. Plenty of surf spots to hit between the points at Noosa,  the rocky wedges in the south, and all the beachies in between. Could even shoot down to the Gold Coast or northern NSW for a quick trip when the swell was on. Stoked – yes, satisfied – no.

Inspired by the the mechanical perfection of Ulus, Nias and GLand; and the travels of Peter Troy and Jim Banks – Indo beckoned. In the late ’80s the trips started … and never stopped. Over the years surfing has taken us on adventures to Hawaii, Japan, Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Europe and the Americas … and hopefully many more to come!


Plenty has changed in the surf travel world since then, but  one thing has remained the same – the need for a quality zinc cream for protecting against the damaging effects of super long sessions in the surf.

In the ’90s we discovered an  zinc-based product (EA) in the cosmetics section that spread well and never came off. At $55, it bit hard into the budget, but it was a must-have for any serious surf trip in the tropics. Armed with this stuff, we could surf for hours.

In the mid-2000s EA quit producing the product – we could not buy it anywhere!

We searched for alternatives, but nothing came close.

if we wanted a zinc cream that did what we needed – we would have to make it … so that’s what we did.

We hunted down the recipe, swapped out the nasty chemicals with natural ingredients … then formulated and tested, and reformulated and retested again and again until we had it right.

We’ve been using Surfmud™ for the last six years. Surfing in all conditions and sharing only with our close friends. Others have heard about it, and word has started to spread. Surfers all over the world are getting in touch and asking for Surfmud™.

Surfmud™ is made by a couple of mates on the Sunshine Coast. It is natural zinc-based tinted covering cream made by surfers, for surfers. We have decided its time to make more of this stuff and share it with you.

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