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Surfmud Photographers

Richard Kotch

The perennial surf gypsies, Richard and his wife Amy epitomize the modern day surf nomads, traveling between the Indian and Pacific Ocean in search of good surf, goji berries and the perfect cup of tea.

Juan Medina

Juan was born a very active, passionate and creative person who grew up in the city of Caracas in Venezuela.

Juan's journey with surfing took him from the beaches of the caribbean in Venezuela to the heavy coastlines of Puerto Escondido and Pascuales - Mexico, to the perfect reef breaks in Bali - Indonesia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Mentawai Islands, Bahamas and to the world's famous beaches of Gold Coast - Australia.

Chris Peel

I've been attached to a camera and a plane ticket in one way or another since a very young age. Photography and travel go hand in hand and for me it's how I convey what I experience on the road, in another country or even on the beaches and headlands of my home country Australia.

Shannon Glasson

Shannon Glasson is a eighteen year old female photographer from Cronulla, Australia. She has an incredible connection with the ocean and a fearless approach when it comes to shooting at heavy, open-ocean reefs. Shannon is a frequent shooter at some of the world's heaviest waves including the notorious 'Shark Island' reef break, Cape Solander aka 'Ours' and the heavy 'Voodoo' reef.

Mick Andrews

So far, my photography has taken me all over the world, to some of the best surf breaks in Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, France, Spain and the Pacific Islands.

In addition to surf photography, I also shoot creative underwater lifestyle projects. Just add water.

Diogo d'Orey

I'm a 36 years old aquatic humanoid.

I will do my best to always repay the world with a portion of it's lost soul, the beautiful images of an ocean we need to love more. And as long as my body allows me, my soul will belong in the water. My work, my life, my ways are my movement. To produce, progress and be filled with knowledge,

In Water We Trust.

Charlie Cullen

Professional surf and ocean photographer.

Larisa Cevallos Oganova

An ocean and nature photographer,

in love with the immensity of the great outdoors.

Passionate about diving, meditation and conservation,

I use social media as a channel of inspiration and creation.

SweetOcean was born in 2012 and since 2015

I have been creating content for GoPro, reinforcing my place in this planet; the open sea.

Mitchell Pettigrew

John Barton

Adam Duffy

Born in Coffs Harbour on the East coast of Australia in 1980, Adam is at the peak of Ocean Art Photography, documenting over 35 of the most beautiful countries in the world!

“The ocean is my calling, it has been with me longer than anything else, I can go there with friends or by myself and have the time of my life, I am also blessed with all the nice feedback people constantly give me, the photography really touches other people also and not just myself, It feels great to inspire people through my photography"

Kailey Skelton

Ben Davidson

Films, and stills

Brendan Ellich

Damon Newing

Justin Stokes