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  • Dan Zen says:

    I’ve witnessed Rich and Amy’s hours in the water whilst staying at Lohi’s in 2011
    If it works for these couple of surf nuts ( and great guides ) it’ll work for my 4 grommets and i

    • surfmudjj says:

      We too have witnessed Rich & Amy’s aquatic dedication & can vouch they do spend a minimum of 8 hours in the water most days of most years

    • Catherine says:

      I just purchased 3 cans of Surfmud, to experiment! (Order 6984)
      I am not a surfer, but as a French…& since I live in the USA, I have become a specialist in what to do and not do in every field you can think of, food included.
      My okay products are very limited!
      I am not asking what is in your product, but just the confirmation that there is no NANO & no TITANIUM DIOXIDE. That would do it for me.

      • surfmudjj says:

        Hi Catherine – we can confirm that our Surfmud uses only non-nano zinc and contains no titanium dioxide. Hope you love it.
        Cheers and Mudup!

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