Surfmud – Natural Zinc: Tinted Covering Cream

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Surfmud is 45g of natural zinc-based tinted covering cream – made by surfers, for surfers.

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Surfmud is a natural zinc-based tinted covering cream – made by surfers, for surfers. Summer is here!  Get your hands on some of this before the next swell arrives or grab some before heading off for your next surf trip in the tropics. Mud Up!

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Weight .10 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm

16 reviews for Surfmud – Natural Zinc: Tinted Covering Cream

  1. Trish

    The best protection out there! I am a white water raft guide in Queenstown, NZ half the year and California the other half of the year and spend 12 hours a day in the sun getting splashed in the face and this is the only zinc that works and lasts in rough, windy, wet, sunny conditions. Not only does it offer protection, but I have also started to use it on windy cold days in the canyon as fantastic protection against windburn. It also is great for my skin, I have skin that breaks-out quite easily and I have never had a problem with surfmud, even if I don’t wash it off at the end of the day. And on top of all that, it lasts forever, I use it every day on my face and 2 cans lasted me 18 months. I recommend this to every guide I work with, it really is the best.

  2. Steve Henry (verified owner)

    Best product I have ever used! All the surfmud products allow me to surf !

    • surfmudjj (verified owner)

      Hey Steve, thanks for your awesome feedback!

  3. Tiffany (verified owner)

    We were lucky enough to trial surfmud whilst on holiday over Xmas 2018. One year on and I’m back for more! My boys have always suffered burns under their eyes and nose from constantly wiping their faces in the surf.  This stuff was amazing and didn’t budge! Wish I’d  known about it years ago.  Thank you for saving the fair skin brigade in our household!!

  4. Cath

    I am so grateful for Surf Mud, I can’t thankyou enough!! I have very fair skin and live in north west Queensland, summer is usually 40 degrees or more, and I am usually outside or in a vehicle. I wear a lot of layers of sunscreen to look after my face, and also some makeup for some colour. This is the best product I have ever tried, it is so thick and stays on all day, no matter how hot it gets. It gives a nicer finish than any of the tinted zinc sticks i have tried (I have tried everything I can find), and the tinted colour is perfect, and looks really natural. I wanted to say Thankyou, it has made a great difference for me.

  5. Karen Heath (verified owner)

    Best zinc out there. As an outdoor swimming instructor, I am in the water for up to 8hrs a day. This stuff lasts. Its the only product I have used for the past 3 seasons. Can’t wait to try the lotion for my grandson

  6. Rach

    This is by far the best zinc stays on for hours, it’s better for you, AND the environment.the kids love it, its classed as their war paint. Need more availability in nz.

  7. Sarah Purcell (verified owner)

    This is the best zinc I have found and I have tried most of them. My son has very pale skin and this is the only zinc that works properly. The fact that it is environmentally friendly usable added bonus. Looking forward to trying the lotion.

  8. Amy Corvisy

    so I bought new lotion and applied to whole body except I missed an area on my neck. After a full day in sun (surfing and then accidently falling asleep!) I was very happy with the product performance- no sunburn ( except where I missed) and very easy to spread ( compared to other natural sunscreens) no smell either! thanks guys I am a happy new lotion user.

  9. Theresa

    High Quality Zinc, great lasting power, handy tint! My friend (super light skin tone) and I were kiteboarding in +38 °C for hours and it lasted without rubbing off! Perfect for (water) sports with good natural ingredients

  10. Nicole (verified owner)

    Worth the int’l shipping – this stuff is the greatest for weekends on the water.

  11. Colin

    Best zinc on the market by far. Fully water resistant so you’ll be protected all day. Reef friendly of course which is a great thing. It also makes a nice and flawless skin (much better than the whiteface haha)

  12. nictahted (verified owner)

    We were told about this a year ago when visiting Cabaritta. Have used ever since with our 3 kids (3,6 & 11) Always protects them on those long days at the beach. Highly recommended, just love it!!!!

  13. DBMenzies (verified owner)

    A must have for any surfer

  14. craig (verified owner)

    Best zinc I’ve ever used. Surfing for 3 to 4 hours on the gold coast in summer. Would definitely recommend.

  15. Dave

    great stuff, i was in the water for about 6hrs on a 44degree day and was surprised i wasnt a little red when i get home like most other zincs. a must have for any west aussie.

  16. Melissa (verified owner)

    My daughter surfs all the time and for long periods at a time. This is the only product we have used where she can be out there for 2-3 hours. When we go out now all the kids come over and ask to use it as they love it! we need a stockist in SA

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