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created for the little people

on this earth

Non-Nano Zinc oxide: No Chemical UV Absorbers

SurfBaby Natural SPF30 Sunscreen - 4Hrs Water Resistant

SurfBaby Sunscreen Lotion was created for the little people on this earth. Naturally better, this toxin-free protection for the most precious and sensitive skin protects little people in and out of the water. Using only premium natural ingredients, SurfBaby SPF30 Sunscreen provides high protection while avoiding chemical preservatives and UV filters. Non-nano Zinc Oxide, our only active ingredient, is a naturally forming mineral that provides a physical barrier against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. Skin conditioning Jojoba Oil and Beeswax help moisturise the skin and counter the drying effects of the sun, surf and wind.
Recommended age 6 months +
Australian Owned & Made

Free From: Chemical UV Filters, Preservatives, Petrochemicals, Silicones and Mineral Oils, Parabens and PABA, Artificial Fragrances

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AMAZING!! Have used several natural sunscreens and this one is by far the best!! It doesn't smell, rubs in so well and is non-oily. I use it on my baby and it protects his skin well. I won't buy anything else. Please don't change it as it's perfect.


We love our Surfmud. My lips constantly burn at the beach and I use this every day when I surf. It’s the best product I have tried and the only one that actually keeps my lips from getting burnt and blistering.


Couldn’t live without this sunscreen, finding one that’s safe for the environment and my kids skin is the winner for me! They have never been burnt while wearing this sunscreen and will not use anything else’! Thanks for creating something so amazing


After using this sunscreen when visiting the beach with a friend we went and bought some the next day. Such a great sunscreen that’s spreadable and easily applied. We are passionate about natural sunscreens and ensuring that they have zinc as an ingredient.


I have seen this suncream being used by a friend on Instagram, she highly recommended it so I bought some surf baby and some zinc. I have tried many suncreams on my 2.5-year-old and I was extremely shocked at how amazing surf baby is. We are a boating and beach family so we are always in the sun. I love how thick it is and it spreads so easily. I used it on my daughter who has eczema at 8 weeks old and she had no reactions 😀

Il never use another sunscreen again!


We live in Queensland on the beach and are in the water almost every day. I love this sunscreen for my little honey because it’s thick, lasts hours and you don’t have the stress of having to keep reapplying with them in and out of the water. Our whole family uses surfmud products. And we won’t look back!


I have this range for my little boys aged 1 and 3. It’s so hard to find the right sun protection and I was so stoked to come across surf mud!! It is such a great consistency and smells good too! Perfect for my babies. They love to put it on each other too. I recommend surf mud to anyone and anyone that wants to support small but also have the best sun protection!!!

Alanna Brown

I brought Surf Baby sunscreen while I was pregnant with my now 4mth old son after seeing that Ash from Salty Shreds uses it for her girls. Honestly love this product, keeps my little redhead sun safe while outdoors whether it be the beach, bush or rainforest we go nowhere without it! We even pack it for kindy! Will literally use no other sunscreen. Thank you for creating such an amazing product and keeping our babies safe!


Couldn’t be happier with the surf baby sunscreen. My son has eczema and his skin is very sensitive. When using surf baby sunscreen we had absolutely no flare up at all. We were also in the sun almost 24/7 for 3 days when on holiday and he didn’t get sunburnt at all, great sun protection. Such an amazing all natural product that was recommended by a naturopath. Thank you 🙏🏼


I have been using Surf Mud for 2 years and loved it but have struggled to find a good overall sunscreen. I bought the tribe pack for our family trip you Fiji! The Baby Surf cream was amazing! My kids usually react to sunscreens- rashes and red raw skin. Not this time! Surf Baby is finally the answer to our sunscreen dramas!

Samantha Cardone

We love surf baby and it’s easy to spread consistency! It doesn’t bother my son’s sensitive skin and lasts even when the boys are in and out of the water!


I always apply sunscreen and wear the hat and all that whenever I go outdoors no exception. But I found that my skin would still sunburned no matter what..
That is until I found your excellent brand at the Woodford folk festival this year. What a difference it has made!! It really works. It protects the skin beautifully and is better for the environments as well. Congrats for your great product and keep up the good work.