100% Guaranteed

We are confident you’ll be stoked with SURFMUD™ natural zinc. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product return it at any time. We will replace it, refund your purchase price, or credit your credit card – whatever works best for you.

Tested on surfers

SURFMUD™ is tested on surfers, not animals (although that’s a bit of a fine line with some of our tribe).  We’ve been wearing this stuff for years in all surf conditions and we know that it works. Stays on all day – that’s what you need.

Natural and effective

With 30% zinc and a blend of natural ingredients SURFMUD™ is made to stay on and hold up in the harshest conditions. Whether your surfing 10′  Indo in tradewind season or hitting the back beach for some summer fun – we have you covered.

Made by Surfers

SURFMUD™ is made by surfers, from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. We can’t tell you exactly how we make it, but we can let you know it involves a bunch of natural ingredients, some pretty cool equipment and a couple of surfers with a secret recipe.

I gave Surfmud a go through Brazil for a month then Hawaii, only good gear in this tin! Stoked, mudup!

Nathan Hedge

Hi guys, I surfed all day long with Surfmud on my mug!

Shaun Levings

I can attest to this being the real deal! It stays on for hours

World Surfaris

Looks awesome! Best zinc Out!

Nat & Brent

I got mine this week and we just love it! Will be online ordering more

Donna Brown

Landen was in the water for most of the last two days. Really awesome all natural zinc specially made for surfers. Can’t wait to take it on our road trip


Saw this grommy ripping out in the surf the other day wearing this rad zinc by Surfmud, so I managed to get my hands on it to find out that it’s all natural zinc made on the Sunshine Coast. It is really good, stays on for those super long surfs

Mitch Grams (16)

Surfmud arrived, and used today at nippers. Jasper loves it, he says it’s much better than the thick EB zinc he has been using

Vicki Jones

I am using Surfmud right now in Bingin Bali... Best zinc I have ever used. Awesome Stuff. Does not come off!

Josh Bryce

Well, how easy was that! Ordered and paid. I would hassle and lose money with the big guys -look forward to using it

Pene Derrick